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Which blinds and window treatments are the best fit for your lifestyle and decor may seem like an unimportant choice, compared to things like flooring and color scheme choices, but in reality, choosing the right curtains or shades can make a huge difference between a design scheme that you love and one that you regret.

For example, when you find yourself sitting in your den, during a rare quiet afternoon, you'll want to be able to open your curtains with ease and let in the ambiance of the outdoors.

When you're lying in bed, counting sheep and wishing that the streetlights on your block would all just sputter out, a window treatment that closes easily and blocks light well is going to be important. For French or sliding glass doors, you'll want blinds that not only open easily; you'll also want to be able to walk through them with relative ease.

And usability is not the only consideration to make when purchasing blinds. There's also opacity, heat retention and gain, and so much more to think about.

If this all sounds a little overwhelming, that's alright, you can relax. At The Finishing Touch, located in three different locations at Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills & Costa Mesa, CA; we're more than happy to help you choose the blinds that are right for you, provide them to you, and install them.

Our interior design experts are only ever a call, click or e-mail away, and are eager to discuss with you the different kinds uses and aesthetics of blinds and window treatments, as well as durability and each options space within your budget.

We also provide high-quality blinds and window treatments to the Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, & Costa Mesa, CA areas, and we install them as well, making us your one-stop shop for all your window covering needs in California. Call us, e-mail us, or come visit one of our stores in Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, or Costa Mesa, CA today to find out more.

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