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The Finishing Touch's natural stone refinishing service can undo all of that destruction. By removing the damaged finish and replacing it with a new one, they eliminate worn spots, stains in the finish, and even deep scratches.

To find out more about The Finishing Touch's natural stone refinishing service, other flooring services that we provide in the following areas: Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, & Costa Mesa, CA.

When your natural stone floors are in need of refinishing, call The Finishing Touch, the number one natural stone refinishing service in the following locations: Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, & Costa Mesa, CA.. We can restore your stone floors to their original luster, undo the damage done by everyday use, and protect your floors for years to come, all with a simple refinishing.

Natural stone tile is porous, and like hardwood, it must be sealed and finished to prevent damage to it. Also like hardwood, this finish must be removed and replaced periodically, in a process called refinishing. Proper care and maintenance of your stone floors, which includes refinishing, can keep them looking beautiful for over a century.

Most of the damage done to your floors every day will be done to the finish, and not the actual stone, as long as this layer is maintained well enough to absorb it. When dirt and sand are tracked across your floor, they act like sandpaper, scraping away at the finish. If it's already greatly worn, the sand can scrape directly against the stone, causing serious damage. This can be prevented by sweeping the floors regularly and placing mats at the entrances, but eventually even the floors of the most diligent homeowner will experience wear. This can only be repaired with a complete refinishing.

Beverage spills can also damage the finish, especially if the liquid is acidic.

Lemon juice, vinegar, Coke, tea, orange juice and coffee, as well as other common kitchen liquids are acidic enough to eat through the finish if given enough time, and can seriously damage the porous stone underneath. Limestone is particularly vulnerable to this, and extra care should be taken with it. When this happens, refinishing is very important to allow for repairs and prevent further damage.

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