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The natural stones created by the Earth each have different qualities, colors and textures that can add a unique and beautiful look to your home. You must make sure that each piece of stone flooring has continuity. Residents of Costa Mesa, CA, Laguna Hills, CA, and Los Alamitos, CA have been trusting The Finishing Touch for all their stone flooring needs. Each type of stone comes in a different range of colors, with a different distinctive pattern determined by the way that the rock is formed. The formation of the rock also plays a major part in determining the hardness and density of the rock, which is the main indicator of how easy it will be to clean and what its' necessary level of maintenance will be. Limestone is one of the softer stones. Formed relatively recently from compressed seashells and sediment, limestone hasn't been under heat and pressure for nearly as long as some of the other natural stones. This means that it's relatively susceptible to scratching and staining, and should be sealed to protect it from wear and spills. It's available in creamy colors ranging from very light to almost black, and has small holes or "pits" that can be filled in with sealant but will still show through. Marble is slightly harder, and is the next stage in the development of limestone. Thinking of marble conjures up the mental image of Grecian statues and temples, and the addition of marble to your home is sure to give any room a classic look. The type of marble most people usually picture is Carrara, with its grey-blue veining and milky white base color. While this is an option that compliments any room, it isn't the only style that marble has to offer. Marble also comes other colors including in a very light beige with brown veining, similar to vanilla ice cream with a chocolate swirl, and a deep brown with light beige veining that can add a feeling of warmth to a room. Granite is the hardest of the natural stones, and comes in some of the most vibrant colors. Because the stone is created by cooling molten magma, it had the hardness of a diamond, and is the best natural stone for you if you're looking for something very durable. It comes in dramatic reds and browns, and brilliant whites and blacks.


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