Hardwood refinishing


Here's how a typical refinish goes:

We start the hardwood floor refinishing process by sanding your hardwood floor with rough sandpaper to eliminate any depressions, dings, or inconsistencies and to create a solid foundation to start from. Gradually, we move to a finer sandpaper to remove all scratches from initial sanding. Because we use different machines for the main floor and edges, during the third and final step in sanding, we buff the floor with a screen to bring the edges and main floor together before applying stain or waterborne urethane.

After a thorough vacuuming process, we will apply multiple coats of either Oil-Modified, Water-borne, tung oil, wax or alcohol-based finishes. Before applying the final coat, we will buff the hardwood floor to “knock down” any imperfections created by dust, or dirt. When the hardwood floor is prepped and clean, we apply the final coat to your hardwood floor.

Wood refinishing not only improves the look of the wood flooring, but also increases its longevity. Regular maintenance is the key to protecting your investment, but refinishing can help bring life back into tired planks.

Hardwood floors refinishing specials

Whether your wood floor is only a few years old or 100 years old, The Finishing Touch Flooring, Inc can help you restore your hardwood floor to its natural splendor, whether you live in one of many cities, such as: Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, Long Beach, or Costa Mesa, CA; we have locations in all those cities! Convenience for you is our top priority. Being the wood floor experts, we will work with you to match the best floor refinishing technique and finish to your specific needs. With refinishing comes new options and our professional staff can help formulate the finish to promote the woods natural beauty.



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