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Commercial flooring basics

Commercial flooring is a specialized field that primarily deals with the most durable flooring available. Many retail locations and businesses deal with extensive traffic, heavy loads, and sometimes, around-the-clock operation. Therefore, it is essential to choose a flooring company with expertise in this field, and we are happy to say that we have it!

Your commercial flooring needs are our business

No matter your business location or specialty, we understand that your floors see a lot of traffic. Some activity is much higher and more impacted than others, but the need for a trustworthy surface is still the same. Our materials cater to this requirement, and we will walk you through the facts about each product you are interested in when you visit us. While durability is easily one of the essential features of your new flooring, the visual element should also serve your needs. In specific areas such as educational facilities, offices, and waiting rooms, appearance can translate to the ambiance, which often directly affects the mood of your customers. We can help you choose options based on a color scheme, design, and pattern requirements, so be ready to let us know what you want and need. When it comes to installation, we know that your project should create as little downtime as possible so that business profits are not interrupted while your work is being completed. Therefore, we will work with you to create a schedule that suits you, considering your working business hours. If you would like to discuss your project in further detail, please visit or contact us today.



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When you need durable flooring, visit us

As a commercial flooring store, The Finishing Touch Floors, Inc. is proud to serve businesses that require quality products and services in their establishment. Our associates are trained and experienced to offer you everything you need for floors that will last for years to come. If you have never spoken with a flooring professional about your requirements, now is a great time to start.

In Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, Long Beach, or Costa Mesa, CA, residents can visit or contact either of our three showrooms, located in Los Alamitos, Laguna Hills, and Costa Mesa, CA. We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction by providing you with everything you need for a successful result. So stop by anytime to take advantage of our materials and a commercial flooring installation you can trust.