Custom backsplash


Why consider custom backsplashes?

If you have never experienced the incredible beauty, durability, and lifespan of a tile backsplash, then you might not know what you are missing. These stunning additions can bring so much to your kitchen or bathroom; you may wonder why you waited so long to have one installed. To find out more about these products, we have compiled a brief collection of facts to pass on, so read along.

Glass tile can serve you well in these applications

Tiling is often used in backsplash designs, resulting in some of the best performance and visual results, but glass tile is another option for these spaces. Not only are these products durable and long-lasting, but they are also impervious to liquids, so you will never see them with a permanent stain. They also block mold growth and mildew for a hypoallergenic solution in areas where it is needed most.

Customizing these pieces is easier than you think, especially when matching your specific requirements and preferences with today's current trends and market specialties. For example, consider creating a fantastic mosaic with Terrazzo, Moroccan, or art deco tiles, while adding wide-format options in another area. In addition, high contrast is prevalent in this product line and gives you plenty of room to play with design and color.

Customization can also be reflected in how much of the wall you cover with your backsplash. Some homeowners prefer to go only as high as splashing might occur, while others take their design to the ceiling. This personal choice is one of many you will make while customizing your features, so be sure to stop by today to speak with a design consultant.



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