Bamboo flooring

It’s soft, scratches, leaves marks, dents and very hard to clean. 98% of jobs in 36 years, customers are unhappy with the product.
Bamboo wood is a popular choice for household surfaces due to its unique texture, color and durability. It is a wonderful natural floor covering that is environmentally friendlyrelatively inexpensive, and fairly easy to maintain.

Here are a few tips to help with cleaning the floors:

-The floor shall be dust mopped, vacuumed or swept with a soft bristle broom daily, or as often as necessary, to remove grit and dust from the surface. Walking on a dusty or dirty floor is the quickest way to damage a finish.

-Place walk-off mats at all exterior entrances. This will capture much of the harmful dirt before it reaches the Bamboo floor. Shake out, vacuum or wash mats and area rugs frequently.

-For spills that are gooey or sticky, remove as much as possible with a dry cloth or towel. Wipe any remaining spill with a damp cloth, making sure not to scrub because this will push the material down into the flooring surface.

-Install floor protectors under all furniture legs. Make sure the floor protectors are large enough to distribute weight evenly.

-Keep pets’ claws trimmed. This will avoid excess scratches and gouges.

-SHOES OUTSIDE PLEASE! This would certainly prevent a lot of dust entering on your precious bamboo flooring.

-A woman in high heeled shoes can do a lot of damage to a bamboo floor. If you have to wear high heels, make sure that they are in good repair and that there is padding on the tip if the heel.

-Using a dehumidifier or humidifier to maintain relative humidity in the home at 30-50% will maintain the moisture level in the wood and help minimize cracks between the boards.

-Do not use oil soap, scouring powder, abrasive cleansers or harsh detergents to clean your bamboo floor.

There’s no denying that bamboo flooring can look as beautiful as hardwood. It can even offer a comparable level of durability. But its looks and longevity depend on the variety chosen. 
Don’t be bamboozled and buy bamboo flooring

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