Carpet Talk

Carpet Talk

It has been close to 25 years since The Finishing Touch Floors Inc's first "Carpet Talk "was published. We never thought there would be another, but we now realize that carpet makes sense again! From the beginning of the 90's until the beginning of 2009 carpet became one of the more overpriced commodities... Why? Because it was priced and over sold as an investment it was based on wear factor; but what they failed to let the consumer know was that no matter how well it may wear, it would stain.

Because of a more competitive price structure in this economy, for the first time since the early 90's, carpet makes sense again. If the right carpet is chosen it can give the homeowner many years of luxury and quality appearance for a minimal cost; especially when compared to hard surface flooring.

You can cover 1000 sq.ft. of floor space with a high quality carpet for a 1/3 the price of a high quality hard surface. Most people will become tired of any type of floor after 10 years or have sold the home.

We now have Carpet that can wear well, not stain, and give you a return for your money. The Finishing Touch Floors guarantee to be the best value to our customers, helping find the perfect carpet for each person's need and taste.

We will be happy to work with you at one of our stores or in your home by appointment. Feel free to stop by at your convenience. We will work with you and for you to give you the very best in quality, service and installation. Most people know that it doesn't matter how nice the carpet is, if the installation isn't quality. We pride ourselves in having some of the finest carpet installers in the industry. They are like family to us, and are under our license, workman’ s comp, liability insurance, and our lifetime installation guarantee. 

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We are also offering our very own "Approved Carpet Details Spotter". The product is non toxic, contains no soap or detergent, is non allergenic, is approved for stain resistant fibers, will not leave a sticky residue. It is not recommended for use with any other spotting agents. You should always pretest on a fabric for color fastness.
To use the product, you simply apply an ample amount of Approved Carpet Details Spotter on spot, agitate with fingertips, let stand for 1 minute and wipe or blot off with clean towel. Repeat if necessary. 
Approved Carpet Details Spotter works especially well on dirt, grease, food and protein based spots. 

To purchase our Approved Carpet Details Spotter, visit one of our location stated above!