Message to home-owners

Going on three decades later, since we last aired our monthly carpet talk, I had no idea that carpet would become the secondary floor and that wood flooring would take precedence. There’s no doubt about it that wood floor is the longest lasting, best looking, easiest and less costly to maintain; and gives permanent value to your home that carpet will not do.

Carpet has its place and always will. It’s warm, quiet, and most of the time a much less cost initially to lay out.

Yet in most cases, whether you plan to keep your home forever, or sell anytime in the future, wood flooring is an investment. With wood flooring, you get luxury in your home and an investment at the same time.

 The reason is because if the right wood is chosen and maintained correctly, it is a permanent investment, adding thousands of dollars to the appraised value.

You can figure that for every dollar invested in your wood floor, you will receive one and a half times.