The 101 on the room you spend the most time in

The 101 on the room you spend the most time in

Where To Start
PREPARE. PREPARE. PREPARE. You can’t start your renovations (no matter what room you decide to start first), without proper plans. Lay everything out, whether it’s on a piece of paper or a brainstorm in your head. You should have a pretty good idea of where you want your shower/tub, sink, etc. and not to mention, the contractor. Preparation for a bathroom remodeling project cannot be emphasized enough.

What Materials Do I Need?
Whether this is your 10th room you’ve renovated, or your first, there are materials for your bathroom you never thought you would need. cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and showers are all extremely important. This all comes back down to your contractor. Make sure you hire a contractor who knows what they’re doing and how they go about it.


At first, we all want to think, “I don’t have that much stuff?!”. Think again. Storage is EVERYTHING in a bathroom. Don’t try to DIY projects in the bathroom, no matter how rewarding they may feel. But quality is everything when you are renovating, you want it to last. Your best bet is to rely on the professionals to get it done!

Can You See?!

​Lighting is right up there with the correct flooring (because carpets in the bathroom 100% do not work) when renovating a bathroom. This can also be the #1 overlooked design aspect of a bathroom! Lighting over mirrors is always beneficial, and you’ll thank yourself later for that maximum glow!
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