Why is price so important?

Why is price so important?

Well, of course its because all of our hard earned dollars deserve to be spent wisely. These days, shopping and purchasing flooring can be very difficult when it comes to determining "true value". There is so much confusion and so many different opinions as to what is a good floor, or the right floor, for the fair price. 

Most of the manufacturers have created an atmosphere in most of the retail world, which causes the consumer to either get confused or misled. Many products are the same material; only marketed under different style names. Many people end up spending much more than they should have to, just because it is labeled with a brand name that has been created through multi millions of dollars through advertising. Of course that money is added into the cost of the product. There also is a huge problem with the manufacturers creating and promoting their products to be sold under various different names. It allows them to make more than they should. Then, most retailers go along with it so they can tag along and also pocket more money, and create the inability for the shopper to easily compare equal qualities, which they should not have to struggle to do so.

We at The Finishing Touch Floors, Inc. being the oldest flooring company in Los Alamitos/Seal Beach have worked hard to give our customers the most for their money from day 1. We believe that if the right floor covering is chosen, for the right price, our customers will receive the full return on their investment "every time".

There are some simple, but valuable tips......
1. Always compare apples to apples. 
2. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.
3. Nothing is free.
4. Do some simple testing on the product that you are considering. (We can and will show you how).
5. Always look at a few jobs and similar floors that the companies you are considering have recently installed near you. 
6. To protect your warranty, try to always have the same company that you purchase the flooring from do the installation.
7. Quality is equally as important as price, and most of the time, more so. “The lowest price can end up being the most expensive, and the highest price isn't always the best".

We are confident that when equal quality is selected, and installed by The Finishing Touch Floors, Inc. you will be far ahead in quality, service, price and warranty. Being established with controlled overhead and a family of owners/operators, we are not only able to save our customers from paying the high sales commission costs, but give the full service from start to finish with unmatched experience.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to stop at one of our three locations. Or give us a call!

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